BBC Projects

See below for the extensive list of projects with the BBC

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- "Operation Wild", series for BBC1 (partly Presenter-Led by Steve Leonard and Clare Balding). Includes segments on "Seal", "Leopard" and "Rhino", India and South Africa

- "The One Show", (Grebes) for BBC NHU (Presenter-Led), United Kingdom

- "The Truth About Calories", for BBC1 (Presenter-Led by Chris van Tulleken), United Kingdom

- "The Teasure Hunters", series for BBC1 (Presenter-Led by Dallas Campbell and Ellie Harrison), Africa and U.K.

- "Newsnight", BBC2 (Presenter-Led), all over the United Kingdom.

- "Bronze Age", BBC4, archaeological dig, United Kingdom

Other Production's Projects

Various one off productions including charity work.


- "Wild Korea", series for Blue Ant Media (4K Production)

- "Misconception", for cinematic release, directed by Jessica Yu and produced by Elise Pearlstein (Feature Documentary), Uganda

- "The Guide", feature documentary directed by Jessica Yu and produced by Elise Pearlstein (Human Interest), Mozambique

- "An Elephant in the Room", for Smithsonian Channel, Zambia

- "Rhinos Without Borders", four part mini series, Botswana & South Africa.

- "Lions on the Move", series for Arte, South Africa

- Wildaid illegal animal trade PSAs featuring Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, David Beckham and many more high-profile ambassadors

Nat Geo Wild Projects

Nick has filmed a range of animals for Nat Geo Wild, all over Africa.

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-"Queen of the Chase", 50 min documentary on Cheetahs, Tanzania (4K Production) Click for trailer

- "Honey Badgers", six part series, Botswana (4K Production)

- "Africa's Deadliest", three part series (high speed/macro), South Africa

- "Swamp Lions", Nat Geo Wild, in Zambia

Animal Planet Projects

Nick has filmed several series for Animal Planet

 Logo demonstrating Nick Ball Cameraman projectsAnimal Planet


- "Battlefield: Rhino Wars" , three part series, several African countries.

- "Dogs 101", Anatolian Shepherd/Cheetah episode, Namibia.

Channel 4 Projects

Nick was part of an exciting series investigating the inside of animals:






- "Inside Nature's Giants" (Hippo), Presenter-Led with Dr Mark Evans, Zambia

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Wildlife Cameraman


Nick is a highly experienced professional cameraman and zoologist. He delivers cutting edge footage for documentaries that entertain, inspire and educate. He specialises in Wildlife, Presenter-Led, OBS-DOC, Feature and Human Interest programming.



Hampshire, United Kingdom.

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